The international festival World Musicals Fest will open on 2024 March 2 with the premiere of an original musical called Black X White, which was created in Latvia with the participation of Latvian and foreign stars.

The plot of this musical show is based on the story of two twin sisters living in one of the cities of Europe. They were born with different hair colors, different personalities and different views on the world around them. The viewer is treated to a bright, exciting, musical story about the fate of the girls and a mix of several types of arts at once - dramatic, vocal, musical, choreographic, plastic...

And also - an original stage with large LED screens and original mapping, light illumination, professional choreography, as well as beautiful and memorable melodies performed by the large symphonic rock orchestra JP Magic Orchestra and cello trio Melo-M. The lyrics (in English) reflect the problems of modern youth, their self-expression and contradictions both with the outside world and with the inner one.

However, the musical Black X White will be of interest not only to young people, but also to their parents, who will be able to get acquainted with the problems of their children, and therefore better understand them. More information about the musical can be found on the website

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