The Best Songs of World Musicals

On September 7 and 8, the concerts of the JP Magic Orchestra with the show program “The Best Songs of World Musicals”, organized by the production company Amber Way, were held at the VEF Palace of Culture with great success.

Real stars from various genres of musical art: opera, theater and music, “lit up” on the stage to the wonderful music from world theatrical musicals and musical films. The concerts were attended by artists from different countries: Latvia, France, Ukraine and CIS countries. The enchanting performance of famous songs by a symphonic rock orchestra to original arrangements, exquisite choreography with a wide variety of stage costumes, theatrical requisite, illusionist show and beautiful voices of the performers - all this, in synthesis, left an unforgettable impression on both the audience and the participants of the show program.
"Exceptional taste and high professionalism! 
 Amber Way company public events do focus on cinematic themes and have an exceptionally tasteful repertoire.

The organisation hires true professionals to bring the audience marvelous experience, captivating attention on timeless music masterpieces. 

The "The Best Songs of World Musicals" is a bewitching show by JP Magic Orchestra with conductor Guntars Bernāts, choreographer Dmitry Jakubocich, director Anastasia Grinenko, voices of numerous theatre, opera and music stars; all this team leads the audience to feel the full spectrum of emotions deeper than ever: passion, brightness, awes, sorrow, nostalgia, enchantment, excitement and joy. 

Working with the team of professionals from different countries, formed by Amber Way company is a great value! The way they work on the programme and deal with difficulties is amazing. It's the real teamwork in which we do our best to bring to life a spectacular and breathtaking performance."

Lidija Breska, singer

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