The Magic of SANREMO

The Magic of SANREMO is the famous Italian show in Latvia!
The hits of the world famous music festival Sanremo will be performed in Riga!

Feel the magic of Italian music in concert at the contemporary and contemporary Hanzas Perons Hall. The audience will be able to hear the legendary hits performed by four stars from Italy to the live music of the JP Magic Orchestra symphony orchestra conducted by a conductor from Venice. These are magnificent voices that have conquered world venues and perfectly convey the mood of the most famous songs!

For one evening you will move to the Italian town of Sanremo, plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday, experience a feeling of sweet nostalgia and remember the history of Italian music from the beginning of the festival to the present day. You can also sing along to your favorite songs. The stage will feature songs by famous Italian artists: Volare, Felicità, L‘italiano, Solo Noi, Libertà, Ti Amo, Il mondo, Ci Sara and many others.

The history of the Sanremo festival goes back over 70 years. It has become one of the most popular song contests in the world and even inspired the creation of the Eurovision Song Contest. Participation in the Sanremo festival marked the beginning of the careers of many now famous Italian performers. For many years this has been one of the main cultural events in the country, and for the whole world the festival has become one of the symbols of Italy. The small town of San Remo, after which the festival is named, has become known throughout the world.

The team consists of talented Italian singers and singers, as well as a conductor:
Dan RAPOPORT is the conductor and artistic director of the Quadribium Ensemble in Venice, Italy. Principal Guest Conductor of the Sinfonietta of Florence chamber orchestra from 2000 to 2013. Conducted in Italian opera houses and with other orchestras around the world.

Giovanni SCRIBANO is a singer, pianist and composer. During his long career, Giovanni has given thousands of concerts: from performances in the famous Arena di Verona amphitheater in front of an audience of 10,000 people and the Falwella Auditorium in Turin to world tours with the musical Romeo and Juliet. He is the artistic director and soloist of the music show AVANSPETTACOLO.

Lara PASQUALI is a singer and actress. Thanks to her unique voice, the singer reveals her talent in completely different styles: from pop music and jazz to soul and gospel. She participates a lot in productions on Italian television: "The Amazing Race", "Mozart in the Jungle" and many others.

Stefano BERSOLA is a singer. Since 1998, Stefano's voice has appeared in dozens of films, TV shows and series broadcast on the Internet. Thanks to numerous recordings, he gained popularity on the international scene and among the world's record companies like Amazon Prime Video, Yamato Video, Sony Music, Warner Music.

Martina STRIANO is a Neapolitan at heart, a singer with a diverse stage repertoire: from Italian pop to American rock, from New York clubs to the Naples Opera House. Martina also starred as Amneris in Elton John's musical Aida.

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